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It is a less expensive alternative to truckload. Usually, it reduces the price of the total shipment by 10% -15%. In addition, intermodal rail transportation is more fuel-efficient than long-distance trucking, which is desirable for shippers who want to save costs while reducing their carbon footprints while also protecting the environment.

That sounds cool, so why not everything moves across the multimodal rail?
Volume density and robust railway infrastructure are needed for multimodal rail transportation to be practical. As a result, dense railroad corridors dominate the intermodal railways that very large (distant) cities anchor at both ends of the long distance railway line. In fact, about two-thirds of intermodal rail traffic travels only on seven intermodal lanes.

Quality policy
Environmental impact

Our main quality policy is to achieve complete customer satisfaction, in addition to the sustainable improvement of the quality and services provided. Our approach is to contribute to the country’s economic development, a unique operational structure that leads to social and environmental protection. We will also endeavor to conduct regular training courses to develop our staff to continually raise our quality standards.

More than 7,000 kilometers of the country’s railways are new infrastructure. Providing an environmentally safe energy source for railways, which is accountable for the cargo freight, is a critical factor in reducing harmful CO2 emissions. It is clear that road transport may harm the environment and last year statistics showed that the percentage of toxic substances released into the atmosphere by cars was 981. 9 tons. The pool of hazardous and polluting substances consists of 56.3% hydrocarbons, 13.0% carbon monoxide, 12.2% sulfuric anhydride, 9.7% nitric oxide, and other chemicals. Air pollution from freight transport by rail will not exceed 1% in the country. These figures confirm the importance of the railways as an environmentally friendly mode of transport, making it imperative to increase the volume of railways in transportation. Hence, preferring to transport goods by rail will contribute to the world’s environmental health.