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Our Little Story

Who is the Connect Rail App?

The Connect Railway App offers multimodal services to make your shipping experience as smooth and simple as possible, starting with 1 TEU up to 100 TEU per trip and operating all container transport operations within Egypt, such as last-mile transport, which can be easily managed through your App.

We give you access to the industry’s largest and most flexible pool of 53 capacity, backed by our group of experts. We utilize advanced and innovative technology with its first application in Egypt, providing accurate insights and shipment visibility 24/7. The multimodal transportation team ensures that your goods reach their final destination safely and on time.

Offering reliable and cost-effective mass transportation services and we will continue creating new distribution channels couping to the new era.



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Our Mission

“The future belongs to railway freight. We connect people, companies, and markets – from the start to the last mile. As the leading provider of railway logistics in Egypt and Africa, we are shaping the industry across the whole continent. We are competent, transparent, sustainable, and trustworthy. 365 days a year – 24 hours a day. From Egypt To Africa. We set benchmarks in innovation and digitization for our clients. What makes us unique is how we work together as one solid international team.”

Our vision

To be the rail logistics backbone for goods and a sustainable economy – for Egypt and Africa through the implementation of Egypt Vision 2030 and Egypt Vision 2050

Mission focus areas

Customer focus
Market focus
Team focus
Focus on the Place

The market is changing so our customers’ needs and business model through digital transformation. Hence, we anticipate market trends. Simultaneously, we design unique logistics solutions to overcome barriers. The Rail Connect app strategy to be customer-centric with a continuous learning process, allowing us to provide easy access to comprehensive multimodal and high-quality freight transport solutions.

We have the market edge and a strong position in the market as leaders in multimodal logistics in Egypt and African countries. Therefore, making a significant contribution in protecting the environment and reducing the burden of transit traffic.

We wish to gradually expand our international rail presence in Egypt and Africa to favor our client’s needs.

Within the framework of the government’s development initiatives, we also have an obligation to create a fair competitive environment within the transportation of goods by rail – in terms of regulations infrastructure – and pushing rail sector initiatives forward to improve service reach.

Our most important competitive advantage is how we work together as a solid international team and keep on developing.

With our focus on cross-functional collaboration, we put ideas and projects into practice in a goal-oriented manner.

This enables us to provide our customers with professional and timely solutions. Safety is at the core of everything we do and, at the same time, a critical lever for optimization and quality. We create an attractive work environment profile with training opportunities, healthy culture, and continuous improvements.

It is a place for everyone who recognizes the future as rail logistics and is ready to contribute their strengths, skills, and passions. This is what makes us unique and enthusiastic.